Satvik Chekuri

PhD Student, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech


Interactive Text Summarization using Explorable MMR

Maximal Marginal Relevance (MMR) is a rank-based technique for producing summaries. This project aims to explore the MMR technique by incorporating the human-in-the-loop and providing an interactive text summarization system.

Diffusion Graph Robustness

Understanding the Impact of Graph Diffusion on Robust Graph Learning. We propose graph diffusion convolution as a defense mechanism against adversarial perturbations in graph learning tasks. Our experiments show up to 8% improvements in accuracy.

Visualization of the impact of COVID-19 coupled with census demographics

Understanding how COVID-19 has impacted different Point of Interests (POIs) by analyzing the user behaviour (such as visits, time spent etc) and mapping it with the demographic information from US Census data.